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Are you in transition or contemplating one? Job transitions can be stressful—whether they’re due to layoff, a new job or working extra hours because others workers were laid off.

Career change statistics suggest that the average person will be making a career change approximately 5-7 times during their working life.

With an ever increasing number of different career choices on offer, about 1/3 of the total workforce will now change jobs every 12 months. By the age of 42 you will probably already have had about ten jobs.” *

If you’re facing one, consider the following.

  1. Take an honest look at yourself. What are your strengths, vulnerabilities, skills? How did those influence—positively or negatively—your transition?
  1. Step up your self-care. Major changes are physically and emotionally taxing. You need self-care now more than ever. Even a 5 to 10 minute walk will help.
  1. Engage your curiosity. What went wrong, or right? What could you have done better? What worked really well?
  1. Focus on what you want and less on what you don’t want. Keep your eye on the prize, while considering your values.
  1. Find support. Since your transition affects your family as well, it may be better to seek the outside support of friends or professionals. Reaching out may be difficult for you, but get out of your comfort zone.
  1. Work on your thoughts. Calm your fears and reinforce your sense of hope and happiness. Say, “Everyone cares about what you can do, not what your weaknesses may be.”
  1. Reassure (or avoid) those who are threatened by, or jealous of, the change.
  1. Create your own rite of passage. Ceremony and ritual help with all transitions.
  1. Let go of how things were “supposed to be” and accept “how things are.” Find appreciation for what is.
  1. Keep things in perspective. Or try on a new perspective. Don’t get stuck. Remember, the only constant is change.


* Author’s content used with permission, © Claire Communications


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2 Responses to Top 10 Ways to Cope with Job Transition

  1. Teresa Ambord says:

    Nice article Geri. I write a lot of articles for senior citizens and might want to refer to this article in a story about job seeking. With attribution of course. 🙂

    • Dr. Geri Markel says:

      Nice to hear from you. I’d love it if you referred to the article. Hope all is well with you and yours.
      Best regards, Geri

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