“Thank you very much for speaking at our Ann Arbor Rotary West club. As soon as our members and guest started in the door you had them involved and thinking. It was amazing to me the openness of engagement that our group had with you. All could relate in some way to one of our demons. You've helped so many people in our group, just by speaking and engaging them in issues that we all have that hold us back. Thank you so very much Geri!”

Michelle Webster
Founder, Perry-Reuben Company. Chair, Ann Arbor, SCORE
“Thank you, Dr. Markel, for the excellent consultation and training you provided for the managers of my television production company. Your insight into team development and the leadership skills needed for success in a high technology, fast growing environment were invaluable.”

Joan Binkow
Owner and CEO, GTN, Inc.
“Geri is an intelligent and experienced coach. I'm impressed by her knowledge and insight into numerous business situations. As a result, her counsel is broad and deep, adding value far beyond the current issue at hand. I also find Geri a quick read about areas that may be uniquely challenging, so that with some foresight, I can be pre-warned and pre-armed. Our discussions are most valuable and I'm pleased to recommend her to anyone who wants to deepen leadership skills and increase business performance.”

Jim Egerel
Director, Global Sales & Marketing , Link Engineering Co.
“In a field that requires grit and constant innovation, Geri provides the framework for fast track professional growth. Geri asks tough questions and facilitates self-reflection. Her dynamic style and enthusiasm spurred my creativity. This was critical to overcoming the challenges of today’s extremely competitive markets.”

Roz Zweig
Coldwell Banker, Real Estate Managing Broker
“Geri is a magician. She was, in an interesting and enjoyable way, able to help me organize and improve my business, graduate school and personal life. The benefit was amazing. It was worth every penny.”

Gary Madvin
CLU, ChFC. FMS, Founder & CEO, Financial Partners, Inc.
“As an entrepreneur, I move fast to solve problems. Geri is used to tough customers. She cuts to the core quickly, uses the data, and adds just the right amount of realism to keep me on track. She’s fantastic!”

Michael Ketslakh
Owner & CEO, National Diagnostic Services
“Has Geri Markel been following me around my home and office, watching my particular Demons of Distraction (the Unruly Mind Demon? The Hyper Focus Demon? Yikes.) Seeing me in the pages of her book was sobering and revelatory! Fortunately, Markel’s thoughtful, practical book provides an arsenal of self-assessment tools and strategies, that, when followed, can help us all take charge of our minds and lead more, abundant productive lives.”

Eleni Kelakos
President, The Eleni Group
“I thoroughly enjoyed Geri’s presentation. Her ability to focus the group on the core issues, while keeping the audience aware, involved and motivated to move toward greater productivity, was very effective!

By any measure, Geri is a very effective speaker. Thank you for a memorable presentation.”

Carl Fulton
CEO, Majestic Concierge

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