Leadership is a skill. Whether you’re a veteran leader or an emerging one, Dr. Geri Markel’s in-depth behavioral research in learning and performance offers you several customized resources to expand your leadership potential and your vision. Coaching and presentations are available onsite or via telephone, Skype, or online learning.

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Leaders consistently face rising costs, rapid change, high uncertainty, and internal and external barriers that stop productivity dead in its tracks.Could your workforce or your colleagues in professional or community organizations benefit from a presentation about leadership and team effectiveness?

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Team Leadership Development

teamleadershipLeaders need to continuously foster a positive and motivating team environment. You need strategic skills to promote strong staff initiative, problem-solving capabilities, and effective follow-up.



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When you are evaluated on the basis of results but you feel overwhelmed by obstacles to your performance, stress will drag you down and your productivity with it. You may worry that your career is on the line. What exactly are the barriers to your effectiveness? Perhaps it is the system: shifting values, conflicting demands, unforeseen consequences, and dwindling resources. Or perhaps you need to enhance your skills in areas such as delegation, assertiveness, follow up, organization, or focus.  LEARN MORE

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