Leadership Coaching

When you are evaluated on the basis of results but you feel overwhelmed by obstacles to your performance, stress will drag you down and your productivity with it. You may worry that your career is on the line. What exactly are the barriers to your effectiveness? Perhaps it is the system: shifting values, conflicting demands, unforeseen consequences, and dwindling resources. Or perhaps you need to enhance your skills in areas such as delegation, assertiveness, follow up, organization, or focus.

A business team

Behavioral researcher Dr. Geri Markel shows you how to overcome barriers to effective leadership. Through her proven strategies, you will:




  • Identify core systemic problems
  • Prioritize goals and action steps
  • Delegate tasks and responsibilities appropriately, according to your action plan
  • Master the art of when and how to say “yes” or “no”
  • Learn to monitor progress indicators, thus gaining confidence by knowing what to maintain and what to change

“Geri is recognized as the number one educational coach in our community and an expert on ADHD. My colleagues regularly recommend her as a referral for challenging cases. She is also is an accomplished speaker and organizes educational events for the public annually at the University of Michigan.”

– Lawrence Perlman, PhD., Psychotherapy Associates, Ann Arbor, MI

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