Managing Your Scattered, Disorganized and

Forgetful Mind


“Actions Against Distractions is a tremendously useful book aimed at enhancing our ability to transform intentions into productive actions. Readers discover a gold mine of practical application, tips and worksheets to make their lives better by getting more done in an organized manner.”

Frank Petrock, PhD. President, The General Systems Consulting Group, Inc.


1. Your Demons of Distractionactions-against-distractions-cover
2. Your 5-Step Plan of Attack
3. 7 Strategies to Implement Your Plan
4. Actions against the Technology Demon
5. Actions against the Others Demon
6. Actions against the Activities Demon
7. Actions against the Spaces Demon
8. Actions against the Stress Demon
9. Actions against the Fatigue Demon
10. Actions against the Illness/Medication Demon
11. Actions against the Unruly Mind Demon
12. Maintenance, Meltdowns, and Peacefulness

On average, dealing with interruptions at work consumes more than two hours a day or 28% of your whole workday. For many, it feels like there are mysterious forces that thwart your best efforts to be productive at work and beyond. These forces are labeled demons of distraction. And, these distractions deplete your psychic energy and divert your attention from important tasks, creating a barrier to being productive. You don’t have to let your life spin out of control; you can take action against your distractions now. Increasing productivity by reducing distractions is a skill everyone can learn and improve. Confronted with today’s uncertainties and challenges, banning distractions from your work/life can help manage your scattered, disorganized and forgetful mind. Drawing on the author’s years as a trainer and coach, Markel’s Actions Against Distractions: Managing Your Scattered, Disorganized and Forgetful Mind provides a step-by-step guide to banning common distractions from work/life. It provides a 5-step plan of attack and 7 strategies to implement an action plan against common distractions such as technology, interruptions, an unruly mind, stress and fatigue. With amusing stories, readers are guided to adapted research-based strategies to their individual needs and style. Ample examples and exercises allow the reader to answer the question, how do I change ineffective habits and move from good intentions to positive actions. Actions Against Distractions can be used alone as a workbook or in tandem with Defeating the 8 Demons of Distraction: Proven Strategies to Increase Productivity and Decreasing Stress.


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Geraldine Markel, PhD, a board certified executive coach, enhances leadership and workplace productivity. As principal of Managing Your Mind Coaching & Seminars, Geri provides systematic processes to enhance business performance and profits. Geri helps leaders, entrepreneurs and business owners cut to core issues and apply practical strategies to move from good intentions to cost-effective actions. Her style of providing feedback using compassionate candor leads to accelerated learning and change.